Iguana station , Utila

I took the 9:30am ferry this morning, crowded mostly with tourists , to the island of Utila, the smallest of the Bay islands. When we arrived, a maelstrom of tuk-tuk taxis and Diveschool advertisers awaited us. I was quickly whisked away on a tuk-tuk up winding paths to the iguana statio , a little way from the main town (10 mins walk or so).

The iguana station is non-profit and not in particularly good shape. The directors recently walked out, and it is now primarily run by local and more long standing Honduran volunteers. One of them, Jose, a student from the capital city on the mainland, is my roommate. There’s also another volunteer named David, from Hull, but he’s leaving on Friday.

As for my responsibilities, they mainly revolve around feeding the iguanas, touring visitors (can also take them around the island) and catching and tagging more iguanas in the mangroves in the north of the island.

Anyway, there seems to be a lot to do, and on top of that I want to fit in 4 hours of Spanish a day at the school in town, and some diving lessons!






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