First day working at the sanctuary


Iguana selfie, as requested by Helen Webber.


One of the one year old iguana hatchlings. This afternoon we caught them all for measurement and re-habiting in cages based on size.


Clever girl… They remind me of velociraptors.


Bite from a big one.


Tarantula. Not poisonous, but apparently also not pleasant to stand on. A crunch then explosion under your foot as its abdomen explodes.

Today we fed iguanas early in the morning, then I was tasked with chopping down some annoying reeds with a machete. After that me and another volunteer went and caught crabs down by the beach – not an easy task. After lunch, which was brought up from the town, we got working on measuring the iguanas, collecting termite nests and building a new t-shirt and postcard building.


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