Table of Contents

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Preparation and Florida:


Leaving in 3 days

Arrived in Miami

Peanut Butter at Wholefoods

In Stuart, FL

Goodbye Florida, for now…




Hello Honduras

Iguana Station, Utila

First day working at the sanctuary

Carribean accent on Utila

Super-Mega Balaeda


Beach trip

Rain, sunset, and Iguana hunting

Snorkeling, insects, partying, y espanyol

If you come to Utila song

Final days and diving




Cusco, Peru: The Navel of the World

The Orphanage (not the movie)

Machu Picchu and final days in Cusco

Machu Picchu: Part 2

Final days in Cusco

Lake Titicaca




La Paz

Uyuni, Tupiza, and the Salt Flats (Salah de Uyuni)


Sucre and a return to La Paz




Buenos Aires

Districts of Buenos Aires

Hostels of Buenos Aires

 – Food of Buenos Aires

Nightlife of Buenos Aires- Bars

Nightlife of Buenos Aires- Clubs

 – Iguazu

– Uruguay

 – Argentine quirks


Peru 2:


– A Return to Peru

– Lima




– Medellín

– Cartagena




– Some Solo Travel Truth

– Guide to Peru

– Farewell


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